About US

Core Product
■ Miniature / Compact / High density of Aluminum Polymer capacitors
■ The most suitable applications are AC-DC, DC-DC 
■ The most demand height:4.0mm~1.9mm

Trustcap makes “Less is more “come true: Less volume by the ultra-low-profile capacitor brings more space for the customer’s design. 
Trustcap is a Taiwan company with streamlined and innovative capacitors. Trustcap focuses on brand-new types of Conductive Polymer Aluminum Capacitors, including miniaturized, square, B&D case, and passive component modular designs. In addition to the current products, Trustcap’s experienced team is open to collaborating with customers for futuristic projects to create mutually high-valued markets.


Our Faith

  ■ Innovation of Product 
  ■ Trust of Team
  ■ Joy of Work
  ■ Share of Achievement 

The future trends

■ Miniaturization:4mm height is the bottleneck at the Aluminum capacitor's design for a long time. 
■ High performance:Our material is Good at heat dissipation and current withstanding ability.
■ High Frequency:Keep Developing
composite materials for 
high-frequency applications.

The innovative materials

■ New Molded packaging technology.
■ Carbon foil and Titanium foil to drive the
   miniaturization on the capacitor


Patented Products

New molded type of polymer cap

•New molding material can pass THB sealing with no al-case instead of molded type, It creates a new solution for applications. 

Titanium foil

•Currently the titanium foil is applied on cathode foil, it  shows good performance on liquid / solid / hybrid capacitors. 
•Additionally, the new technology of foil with the oxide layer can replace the anode foil and offer the advanced choice.

High-k capacitor

•The new high-k materials applied in the supercapacitor, polymer, ceramic for higher voltage and cap. To break the power density limit.